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Ao Dai Festival

Ao Dai Festival

The Ao Dai Festival is an outstanding cultural and tourism event of Ho Chi Minh City in order to contribute to preserving and promoting the unique traditional cultural values ​​of the national costume, nurturing the love of Ao Dai. Vietnam of the city people, while attracting domestic and international visitors to Ho Chi Minh City.


The Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Festival was first held in 2014, is one of the typical cultural and tourist activities of the city held annually in March. The festival is organized in the direction of the city. To honor the traditional Ao Dai of Vietnamese Women, step by step affirm the Ao Dai brand with domestic and international tourists, and at the same time contribute to preserving and promoting the traditional cultural values ​​of Vietnam. Vietnamese people through the image of Vietnamese Ao Dai.


“Ao Dai Festival - one of the most exciting cultural and tourism event of the city.”

Ao Dai Fsstival takes place throughout March each year at many famous attractions of the city such as Nguyen Hue Walking Street, City Post Office, War Remnants Museum and shopping malls, schools, guests hotel with a variety of main activities and typical art programs such as Parade with Ao Dai; Ho Chi Minh City Charming Ao Dai contest; painting contest on the theme of Ao Dai with the City ; Online Ao Dai Photo Contest; exchange program I love Vietnamese Ao Dai and inspirational programs about Ao Dai.