Hanoi corners on Saigon streets

The autumn in Saigon is maybe not as clear as the autumn in Hanoi. When the yellow leaves are scattered on yards, the children prepare their books for a new school year, you will realize a new season has arrived. Hanoians who come here to make ends meet probably will be evoked fond remembrances. To those who live far away have once experienced the autumn in Hanoi still imprinted that autumn images in their minds on the return days.
 “Autumn in Hanoi, the yellowing celtis tree, the red leaves terminalia catappa…”
Lao Hac Coffee shop attracts visitors thanks to the music and quietness just enough for visitors to enjoy the melodious melodies.

The classic space of the coffee shop is a sharing of Hanoi's nostalgia of the Northern coffee shop owner sending to visitors. The coffee shop has a lot of teas for you to enjoy, such as cinnamon tea, pandanus tea, corn silk tea, eugenia tea…

Sometimes, the coffee shop also serves sweet tofu. In the melodious melody of Hanoi songs, you just want to enjoy the drinks slowly to feel the delicious tastes and enjoy the cozy atmosphere that the coffee shop brings to you. If you miss Hanoi, let make a visit to Lao Hac Coffee shop at 299B Hoang Sa Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

 “Hanoi silhouette, every corner is still remembered…”
Located in a small alley in Binh Thanh District, however, you can easily find the coffee shop thanks to the signboard with Hanoi characteristic.

The entrance to the coffee shop is covered with flowers. The coffee shop uses songs about Hanoi as a highlight combined with the ancient and rustic space. Hanoi paintings are cleverly decorated, the ward loudspeaker is nestled close to the main door, everything displayed has its own meaning.

The coffee shop has a variety of Hanoi drinks. If you come here for the first time ever, try a cup of egg coffee. Gently stirring the spoon on the thick layer of eggs at the rim of the cup and listening to Hanoi songs that will make you feel like you are really in Hanoi. Ngach 160 is located at 160/29 Bui Dinh Tuy Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

To anywhere I go, I still remember Hanoi…”
Story: Cloud
Pictures: CT Group, T.L

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